Saturday, June 22, 2019

Wicked Garden Album Review

post dystopian leisure music
Dominick muzio---lead vocals, guitars
Shawn Trojahn---lead guitars
Troy Spriggs---bass, vocals
Jason dardano---drums, percussion

A powerful collection of alternative painted tapestries with an overlay of 70'sish chord progressions. Overall this is a refreshing and well crafted disc. They seem to have an underlying humor about themselves which always helps in creating lasting musical efforts. Having spawned from a cover band it is not surprising that they know how a hit song can be welded together. The ability to jump from covers to originals should not be overlooked. It is a sonic duality that few musicians, never mind a whole band can endure. This WICKED GARDEN is overrun not with the weeds of yesterday but the flowering buds of tomorrow.

10/10 wolf howls
8174 Las Vegas Blvd S. Ste. 109262 Las Vegas, NV  89123  USA
Ph: 702.333.1309

Thursday, June 20, 2019

THUNDERMOTHER interview@sweden rock festival, 2019

Hard rock is supposed to be fun, loud, and sexy. Thundermother covers all that and then some. These girls know how to play and they know how to party down.
How did it feel playing for the crowd at Sweden Rock?
"In my opinion one of the best ever. The weather was perfect. we have no energy now. We gave it all and the people gave it all. They were so into it. Amazing.
Our batteries are spent.This is the biggest festival in Sweden We get to hang out with our friends and see some bands."
What is next?
"Summer full of festivals. Then home for 3 months and on tour for again. We live for it. we love to do this. It is a dream come true for us."

This is the only job?
 "Yes. We are humbled that we can do this."
Any plans to tour the states?
"Ace Frehley in Miami. Pre party for the Kiss Cruise. We love kiss and the kiss army. We get so much love from them on the last kiss cruise. There will be more news soon."
Any rituals before you go on stage?
"You prep yourself but we don't meditate or anything. we play loud music and party. We are not Bob Dylan and drinking tea. We like to dance and jump around."

What you get with this band is full on energy, passion, and pure rock and roll. Check them out!

all photos by michael lindstrom jps media

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sweden Rock Day 4

Sweden Rock 2019 has officially closed out and what a time was had by all involved. Not sure what the total official count will end up being but it had to be at least 35000 screaming and dedicated metal fans from all over the world.

 Tearing the final stages apart were bands like,DUST BOWL JOKIES, JARED JAMES NICHOLS, ELECTRIC BOYS, STYX, HAMMERFALL,UFO, and more.
The day began with a heavy metal downpour that led some to doubt the continuity of the festival but the gods smiled and let the sweet Swedish sun shine through.

    SAXON proved their ageless mettle and delivered the goods like an iron horse through the night. Finally the unstoppable RITCHIE BLACKMORE descended from the Rainbow and enlightened all who would listen.
     This festival is one of the best, if not the best festivals in the world. Hands down, the staff and the programmers were all working in lockstep to make this one for the history books.

all photos by Michael Lindström (JPS Media)

Friday, June 14, 2019

OZ Band Interview Sweden Rock 2019


 OZ, Unleashed an energetic metal assault on the Sweden Rock crowd. Spearheaded by original member , drummer Mark Ruffneck, this band is a classic metal legend.
How do you feel about your longevity?
    "  This is the Mach 5 version of this band. When we started it was a cover band and we had a big dream of being rock stars. We only played Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.
 We never thought we would make it. Then they said you have to make your own music".

And you recorded the albums where?
 "So the albums were recorded in Sweden. We only had fax machines back then, no email. After awhile we had the fax machine going constantly. We have made all albums here in Sweden with different line ups."

After all these years what is the one thing that keeps you going?
  "We enjoy what we do. This makes us happy."

 Power, precision, passion, all combine, to deliver their music on their own terms. OZ is one band not to miss. One band any true metal fan should have in their collection.
10/10 Wolf Howls

New album: Transition State
You get it here:

All photos by Michael Lindstrom and

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Jared James Nichols Interview@ Sweden Rock Festival 2019

We had a chance to speak with Jared James Nichols and his drummer, Dennis Holm, after their epic show at Sweden rock 2019

How did the show go?
I remember hearing about the festival and someone saying you could play there and I was like in one ear out the other. And then it happens. Its super cool. Funny has fast time goes.

What is the difference between American and European audiences?
  With Europe there is more of an artistry to it. In the states your either on top or on bottom. Here its a col community of people that just love music. The first show we ever played was in Belgium. There was a line out the door. It was sold out. And we were like this is different. We've always been embraced by European audiences. Every country is a little different. You just put your head down and go for it. Its pretty cool.

 Any where else?
 We will be in Japan with Buck Cherry. We have done so many support slots. It's great to see so many bands and play with bands we love. We will be in Australia. Nothing in this is ever set in stone. It's always evolving.

What is next as an artist?
    Put out another record and just stay on the road. I think that is the heartbeat of what we do. We have come this far. We will play in front of as many people as possible. Keep pushing.

Did you pick up the guitar and immediately start without a pick or is it something you changed to later on?
 Here's the thing I started as a lefty and eventually I had a teacher who said no play it like this(right handed) He said you have to use a pick and so I followed the rules. And after about five years I was really advancing and I found my picking hand was chasing my fretting hand so I just got rid of the it. So now I'm known for that, known as the no pick guy. I feel more locked in. I just tried to do my own thing. It was cool when I figured it all out. I will feel it at night in my fingers. I was jamming with Steve Vai and I plugged in and he was looking at me like what is up with this guy. After wards he came up and was like oh my God. It was cool.

No effects then?
 I just run straight into the amp. I just released a signature amp with blackstar. I can really rely on it. Its my comfort. It is liberating. There is nothing between you and the amp.

Check out this incredibly gifted and down to earth guitarist.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Joe Lynn Turner Live Show Review/Sweden Rock 2019

    Sweden Rock 2019 welcomed classic hard rock icon JOE LYNN TURNER on Opening day of the festival,June 5th 2019.  The Swedish crowd was more than ready to be rocked by one of the music industries endearing Rock and Roll masters. And on this day they were not disappointed.

      JOE LYNN TURNER absolutely owned that stage with his own brand of confident heavy, superior vocal supremacy. His ageless swagger and signature sunglasses held that crowd in pure musical hypnosis. The first day festival faithful  could hear and see his musical genius. 

    JOE LYNN TURNER'S voice and legacy are what drives fans to sing along, and younger musicians to pick up their instruments. Truly, he still has a tremendous passion for his craft.
      CRY OF THE WOLF MAGAZINE rates his performance 10/10 wolf howls.

All photos by Michael Lindstrom and

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Sweden Rock Day 3

Well 3 days in and this festival never stops producing great acts and even greater service. This is one of the best heavy metal/ rock festivals in the world. BURNING WITCHES starts off the day with sonic precision. Followed by other acts like THUNDERMOTHER, THE QUILL, CANDLEMASS, JAG PANZER.

 Into this fray Wade's ZZ TOP and these blues masters destroy the festival stage. DISTURBED,WITCHFYNDE, MAGNUM all give way to the unstoppable best band in the breathing monsters of arena rock this band knows how to work a crowd. And the fans at Sweden rock gave it right back to them.

 More to come....

All photos by Michael Lindström (JPS Media)

Friday, June 7, 2019

Sweden Rock 2019 Day 2

Sweden rock 2019 day 2 is now wrapped up culminating in a historic final hydrogen bomb attack by the mighty SLAYER! Just a fiery set by this American Thrash iconic band. What a way to say farewell.

 Thursdays ultimate metal fest also saw burning hot performances by BLAZE BAYLEY, COBRA CULT, BLACKBERRY SMOKE and more. Into the middle of this musical hurricane strode the boys from AMON AMARTH.

They conquered the fire rimmed stage like the metal vikings they are and just overran us with power viking death! KROKUS and ARCH ENEMY also waged a sonic war with the crowd.

 It was an incredible sight to see the crowd surging towards the TENACIUOS D stage and scream in approval at the onstage metal assault by JACK BLACK.

DEF LEPPARD continued to bring its hallmark and well crafted hard rocking ballads to the forefront and played as the sun began to set.
Meanwhile in the tents, SCARLET

kept the temps high as they whipped the tent crowds into frenzy. Ending the fest with SLAYER was pure genius and the crowd was left obliviated. Just another day at SWEDEN ROCK but hold on there is more to come.....

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Sweden Rock 2019 day 1

Dateline Sweden, the weather? Warm, the beer?, cold, the bands?..burning up the stages...
    It should be noted that Sweden is filled with some of the friendliest people on Earth. Throughout the festival grounds were greeted with positive attitudes, and smiles. And the music, well it is just chock full of metal. Starting with the southern blues of JAMES HOLKWORTH AND THE COOL BENDERS and culminating with the squealing sonic assault of 80s legends, SKID ROW, this was one hell of a kickoff to the 4 day yearly event.

 Peppered on different stages throughout the day were bands like OZ,


and JOE LYNN TURNER. This is one of the best organized festivals on the planet.