Friday, June 14, 2019

OZ Band Interview Sweden Rock 2019


 OZ, Unleashed an energetic metal assault on the Sweden Rock crowd. Spearheaded by original member , drummer Mark Ruffneck, this band is a classic metal legend.
How do you feel about your longevity?
    "  This is the Mach 5 version of this band. When we started it was a cover band and we had a big dream of being rock stars. We only played Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.
 We never thought we would make it. Then they said you have to make your own music".

And you recorded the albums where?
 "So the albums were recorded in Sweden. We only had fax machines back then, no email. After awhile we had the fax machine going constantly. We have made all albums here in Sweden with different line ups."

After all these years what is the one thing that keeps you going?
  "We enjoy what we do. This makes us happy."

 Power, precision, passion, all combine, to deliver their music on their own terms. OZ is one band not to miss. One band any true metal fan should have in their collection.
10/10 Wolf Howls

New album: Transition State
You get it here:

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