Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Held hostage: Great American Rock

American rock and roll at its purest form. The energy that Tom Collier produces with held hostage is passionate and profound. You will be inspired and transformed by both the lyrics and the powerful guitar driven songs. This juggernaut will roll right over you, crushing your senses with the ultimate rock and roll mechanism.

 It is rare that you talk with a musician who is more positive about the world, music, and his contribution to it all. We talked at length about his contribution to people and the music community. Welcome back! How has covid affected your band? 

"Well, it killed the release. We were in wal-mart and everything and then bang. Nothing. But it is what it is." Pushing aside the adverse effects of a worldwide pandemic in true Held Hostage style He went on to talk at length about the upcoming release. "Ripper Owens is singing on 10 tracks. We have Joe Lynn Turner on an acoustic song."

How did the collaboration with Joe Lynn Turner come about?

     "Well, joe we worked with awhile back. He is a big supporter of the military and so are we. So the management reached out and when he heard the song, he said I'm in."

 I inquired about his bands work ethic.

" We still rehearse. I emailed Ripper the tracks and it went down really well. He took the songs to a new level. The songs are better. We wrote a song called "Rise" which is a track dedicated to suicide prevention".

 Held Hostage promises hard rock and they deliver. There is a certain power to both the lyrics and the riffs. It is catchy, creative, and crazy good! Get this album now!

10/10 Wolf Howls

Held Hostage 

Great American Rock