Thursday, May 28, 2020

ELECTRIC MOB Discharge album review

From BRAZIL comes the unstoppable freight train that is ELECTRIC MOB! This band is a hard rock symphony of perfectly timed lyrics and solos. Such power and grace are rarely heard on debuts but this band propels its music right into you brain. You will feel the earth shake in this rock heavy orgasm of pure sonic penetration. standout tracks include:
"Burn","Devil you know", and "Got me running". But every track is a vocal masterclass.Check this album out and crank it loud!!
9/10 Wolf Howls
Cry Of The Wolf Magazine

POLTERGEIST Feather Of Truth Album Review

POLTERGEIST presents a no holds barred heavy metal roller coaster ride. This album rocks you from song to song and never seems to slow down. I'm still not quite sure what the feather of truth is, but I know what the album is: damn good metal!
Stand out cuts include, "The Culling", "Feather Of Truth"
  This is a cookie cutter world of musical creations but POLTERGEIST is unapologetic for breaking those molds. This is one of the must have albums of 2020.
9/10 Wolf Howls
Cry Of The Wolf Magazine

OZ Forced Commandments Album Review

2020 saw the world plunged into isolation. It became a lonely, self analyzing place. But for those of us who are lucky to have the new OZ record, the isolation of our homes allowed them, to  become a listening room to one of the best albums released this year so far. OZ pulls no punches with its sonic throwback metal sound to a glorious age gone by. Everything you need on a metal album is here, catchy lyrics, burning solos, drums of doom!
Favorite tracks include, "Kingdom Of War", "Spiders", and "Prison Of Time".
 Truly OZ represents a present day metal act with more than a nod to the old school of historic metal. Their approach to songwriting and song architecture is indifferent to the current trends of the age. They fully stand for the metal we all grew up with.
In these catastrophic times, we need bands like OZ to keep that fire of creative metal burning. When you finally emerge from your caves into this brave new world you should, no you must, crank up Forced Commandments.
10 Wolf Howls
Cry Of The Wolf Magazine