Wednesday, November 9, 2022



Heavy metal


There a handful of rock bands that can pull off a costume persona. GHOST, KISS, GLORYHAMMER, ALICE COOPER come to mind. Few can combine both musical excellence and the theatrics. Often times one or the other falls short or drifts into a comic vein.  ARMAGELION is one o the rare acts that can successfully do both. Combine a larger than life persona with an incredibly passionate and melodic sound. That is what you have here. 


ARMAGELION is the new face of theatrical shock metal or even Heavy Metal Theater. The goal here is to create worlds on stage. To view music and the visual medium as a driving force of creation. With this band this union  works majestically. The music is a hard hitting synergy of melody and power.


 The true genius lies in the live show. Here our characters come to life.  The show is a must see. Catch this band live and you will be hooked. Get the cd and spread the word. ARMAGELION is risen and he will take over the metal world.

 9/10  Wolf Howls

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022





 We spoke with VANTE vocalist, Brian Troch and guitarist, Scott McClellan about the band, and the album. Call it hard rock or heavy metal this band transcends traditional roles and delivers and uncompromising testament to a collective lifetime of  rock and roll experiences. VANTE  is pure passion and power. Creating a viable rock band in todays world is a challenge and a mountain few have the skills to climb. VANTE ascends the wall easily. 



Listening to the tracks you are amazed at the skill but transported to their world. Tracks like "Why Is It So Cold", and "Under My Skin" are a testament to the creativity of the band. There are no filler tracks here. Each one is a full on monument to production values and careful, caring, construction. Get this album now! Check out our podcast for the complete live interview.

10/10 Wolf Howls!!!



VANTE are on Dark Star Records and the album is available worldwide

01. Why Is It So Cold
02. It's My Life
03. Watch The Sunrise
04. Paint It Red
05. The Craving
06. Going With The Flow
07. I Stand
08. Animal
09. Under My Skin
10. Waiting For Reverence
11. Scary Was The Man
12. Thunder and Rain
13. The Road To Shangri-La
14. Never The Slave 

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