Thursday, June 13, 2019

Jared James Nichols Interview@ Sweden Rock Festival 2019

We had a chance to speak with Jared James Nichols and his drummer, Dennis Holm, after their epic show at Sweden rock 2019

How did the show go?
I remember hearing about the festival and someone saying you could play there and I was like in one ear out the other. And then it happens. Its super cool. Funny has fast time goes.

What is the difference between American and European audiences?
  With Europe there is more of an artistry to it. In the states your either on top or on bottom. Here its a col community of people that just love music. The first show we ever played was in Belgium. There was a line out the door. It was sold out. And we were like this is different. We've always been embraced by European audiences. Every country is a little different. You just put your head down and go for it. Its pretty cool.

 Any where else?
 We will be in Japan with Buck Cherry. We have done so many support slots. It's great to see so many bands and play with bands we love. We will be in Australia. Nothing in this is ever set in stone. It's always evolving.

What is next as an artist?
    Put out another record and just stay on the road. I think that is the heartbeat of what we do. We have come this far. We will play in front of as many people as possible. Keep pushing.

Did you pick up the guitar and immediately start without a pick or is it something you changed to later on?
 Here's the thing I started as a lefty and eventually I had a teacher who said no play it like this(right handed) He said you have to use a pick and so I followed the rules. And after about five years I was really advancing and I found my picking hand was chasing my fretting hand so I just got rid of the it. So now I'm known for that, known as the no pick guy. I feel more locked in. I just tried to do my own thing. It was cool when I figured it all out. I will feel it at night in my fingers. I was jamming with Steve Vai and I plugged in and he was looking at me like what is up with this guy. After wards he came up and was like oh my God. It was cool.

No effects then?
 I just run straight into the amp. I just released a signature amp with blackstar. I can really rely on it. Its my comfort. It is liberating. There is nothing between you and the amp.

Check out this incredibly gifted and down to earth guitarist.

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