Saturday, June 22, 2019

Wicked Garden Album Review

post dystopian leisure music
Dominick muzio---lead vocals, guitars
Shawn Trojahn---lead guitars
Troy Spriggs---bass, vocals
Jason dardano---drums, percussion

A powerful collection of alternative painted tapestries with an overlay of 70'sish chord progressions. Overall this is a refreshing and well crafted disc. They seem to have an underlying humor about themselves which always helps in creating lasting musical efforts. Having spawned from a cover band it is not surprising that they know how a hit song can be welded together. The ability to jump from covers to originals should not be overlooked. It is a sonic duality that few musicians, never mind a whole band can endure. This WICKED GARDEN is overrun not with the weeds of yesterday but the flowering buds of tomorrow.

10/10 wolf howls
8174 Las Vegas Blvd S. Ste. 109262 Las Vegas, NV  89123  USA
Ph: 702.333.1309

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