Thursday, June 20, 2019

THUNDERMOTHER interview@sweden rock festival, 2019

Hard rock is supposed to be fun, loud, and sexy. Thundermother covers all that and then some. These girls know how to play and they know how to party down.
How did it feel playing for the crowd at Sweden Rock?
"In my opinion one of the best ever. The weather was perfect. we have no energy now. We gave it all and the people gave it all. They were so into it. Amazing.
Our batteries are spent.This is the biggest festival in Sweden We get to hang out with our friends and see some bands."
What is next?
"Summer full of festivals. Then home for 3 months and on tour for again. We live for it. we love to do this. It is a dream come true for us."

This is the only job?
 "Yes. We are humbled that we can do this."
Any plans to tour the states?
"Ace Frehley in Miami. Pre party for the Kiss Cruise. We love kiss and the kiss army. We get so much love from them on the last kiss cruise. There will be more news soon."
Any rituals before you go on stage?
"You prep yourself but we don't meditate or anything. we play loud music and party. We are not Bob Dylan and drinking tea. We like to dance and jump around."

What you get with this band is full on energy, passion, and pure rock and roll. Check them out!

all photos by michael lindstrom jps media

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