Friday, October 7, 2022



     We often overlook the fact that every band started somewhere. In their collective journeys these bands sometimes lose their luster and their hunger. INCURSION is not that band.

Inspiring words from guitarist maxx Havok released a passion that is undying for true heavy metal. Incursion is a modern answer to the age-old question as to who will keep the metal flame aloft. The answer is INCURSION

Sonic mastery of both sound and symbolism abounds in this epic heavy metal offering to the Gods. Here is the future. Here is the band you have been looking for. Make no doubt there are other bands who have had a longer history. But this band, this band, INCURSION is destined to liberate the areas that have not been freed from today's boring music. They will spearhead the charge into the darkening future and bring a flame of light to illuminate all who would listen. Will you stand with them? I know we will!!

10/10 Wolf howls


Incursion NWOTHM from Nashville, TN The band consists of vocalist Steve Samson, guitarists Maxx Havick and Michael Lashinsky, drummer Dan Douchette, and bassist Robbie Crede.


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