Friday, January 21, 2022

Ashes To Ares, Emperors and Fools Review


The latest ASHES TO ARES release from ex-ICED EARTH vocalist, Matt Barlow is a supreme assault on the metal senses. They have created such a fantastic landscape with each song taking on a life of its own. In a world consumed by covid this and political divide that, this record is a breath of heavy metal air. Take a deep and long breath and allow the sonic twists and turns to take you far away from this crazy world. Close your eyes and enter the fiery hallowed metal ground ruled over by the mighty ASHES TO ARES.

you can hear our interview with Matt Barlow on our cry of the wolf podcast

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Emperors and Fools, released on January 21st, 2022 on Rock Of Angels Records

Ashes Of Ares:
Matt Barlow - Vocals
Freddie Vidales – Guitars, Bass
Guest: Van Williams – Drums
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