Friday, March 6, 2020

Burning Witches Dance With The Devil album review

Burning Witches band

Burning witches have created a powerhouse signature metal release with their latest metallic conjuring, "Dance With The Devil".
You can forget any past incantation of this band, this is the future. The newest addition, vocalist, Laura Guldemond, appears to fit this band like a glove. Fronting this incredibly talented band of musicians can't be easy, but she does it in stride. Her precision guided vocals shine through on every track.  Her addition to this band will propel them further into the metal iconic stature they are destined to achieve. My only request from an American viewpoint,  Please send us a tour!!!!

    The fiery valkyrie leads of Sonia and her counterpart on guitar, Romana will leave you breathless. This is pure unbridled passion driven heavy metal of the finest caliber. You get a sense of cohesion on this album that we have not entirely heard before. The tracks reflect this unity. Overall this is an offering to the gods of heavy metal and these witches do not pull any punches. It is a slam you to the ground and lift you up cauldron of mystical music spells. Get this album and turn it up loud!
long live burning witches!
10/10 wolf howls
cry of the wolf magazine

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